Bangladeshi start-up Fly Dhaka close to obtaining AOC

Fly Dhaka is in the “final stages” of securing an air operator’s certificate (AOC) and is preparing to launch domestic operations.

Image: Fly Dhaka

Fly Dhaka chief executive Mollah Fazle Akbar said: “The start-up has made significant progress in securing the appropriate aircraft for its soon to be launched domestic operations.”

The privately-owned start-up was incorporated as a limited liability company on 4 May 2021.

The airline is helmed by Bangladeshi entrepreneur and former minister Anisul Islam Mahmud, who serves as managing director, and Akbar as chief executive.

Akbar added: “We are thrilled to partner with AirAsia… With AirAsia Consulting’s guidance, we will seek new opportunities and ultimately achieve our main goal of being recognised as the country’s best low-cost airline.

“We are also excited that we will likely be the only local Airbus operator in Bangladesh, utilising AirAsia’s vast experience of the A320 family of aircraft,” he added.