TATV Insight: OneWeb to change connectivity satisfaction for airlines

OneWeb’s Vice President mobility services - Ben Griffin, explains to Technology and Space editor Steve Nichols why the London-headquartered satellite operator has seen a “huge amount of interest” from airlines, and is currently “working with and talking to a good number” of carriers.


The company has celebrated its 11th launch and now has 358 satellites in space with an aim to deliver 648 for a low-earth orbit.

Griffin says that they aim to deliver a service to passengers that will allow them to connect as speeds to do “what they want” while flying.

The Middle East is a key market. “When we have discussions with airlines in the Middle East, for example, they know exactly what they're looking for. And when we tell them what we're most capable of, we spend quite a lot of time picking their jaws up off the table is really quite an interesting reaction to see.”

Steve Nichols

Steve Nichols

Steve (BSc Hons, FIIC) is a journalist and communicator with more than 35 years' experience.