TATV Spotlight: Rolls-Royce leading the charge for sustainable aviation

As the aviation world begins to strongly focus on sustainability, it is perhaps no surprise that UK engine-maker Rolls Royce is leading the charge.

Preparing engines for 100% sustainable aviation fuel, developing electrically powered motors to take aircraft into areas they have never been before and working in saving weight and improving efficiently for today’s airliner fleets.

In this TATV Spotlight programme, John Kelly, Senior Vice President | Europe, Middle East & Africa, Rolls-Royce explains just why sustainability – along with structured recovery for the industry – will be among the key issues at this year’s Dubai Airshow.

With a strong presence in the Middle East, Kelly explains how relationships with local and regional business are stronger than ever before.

Alan Peaford

Alan Peaford MBE

Alan is a former actor, an award-winning foreign correspondent with strong ties to the Middle East through involvement with the launches of Arab Times in Kuwait and Gulf