TATV Insight: CFM’s CEO Gaël Méheust and the engine of the future

Gaël Méheust, chief executive of engine maker CFM talks to Mark Pilling about the company’s current focus on its RISE programme – Revolutionary Innovation for Sustainable Engines – and its goal to bring increasingly efficient and sustainable engines.

Méheust talks about the company’s work on an open fan, which will bring a true step change in propulsive efficiency. CFM has already brought environmental economies with its LEAP engines, but the future will be different. 

“Today we have ducted fans, so, you cannot see any of the engine it's encapsulated in cowlings.  But imagine an engine with several large fan blades, with a four meter diameter that are not encased in anything. The open fan will provide the same level of comfort and speed as conventional engines with of course, much much better fuel efficiency,” Méheust said.

The CFM chief also gives his outlook on the industry for 2022.

Mark Pilling

Mark Pilling

Mark is a consulting editor to Arabian and African Aerospace.