TATV SPOTLIGHT: How Raytheon's long range radar gives advance sight of potential threats

Hear how the changing geopolitical uncertainty has led to a greater focus on understanding the threats across the MEASA region.

In this TATV Spotlight programme we talk to retired US General Jon Norman, now the vice-president of requirements and capabilities for air power at Raytheon missiles and defense.

General Norman explains the value of early warning radar in the current climate allowing allies to work together in an integrated defence system with a better knowledge of the threats. “In today's world, a threat can come from any direction,” he says. An early warning system developed by Raytheon Technologies over the past 25 years is being fielded in Qatar and could be adopted by others in the Gulf. The system allows the defence forces to differentiate between the thousands of commercial aircraft that ply the skies across the region and potential threats. “We are able to detect and track with this early warning radar and to investigate if we need to.”

In this TATV Spotlight Norman explains how the system works and combines with other systems like the THAAD missiles to counter the ever-changing threats.

Alan Peaford

Alan Peaford MBE

Alan is a regular broadcaster and is the consultant editor-in-chief and presenter for Times Aerospace TV and is a regular commentator on aviation issues for many global broadcasting channels. He is conference chairman of the Aviation Africa summit and the Aviation MENA summit and has moderated or chaired conferences for organisations such as IATA, DCAA, the Global Aerospace Summit and business aviation associations in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.