The AviAssist Foundation publishes its Annual Report for 2022

The AviAssist Foundation has published its Annual Report and Accounts for 2022.

Foundation director Tom Kok from AviAssist Image: AviAssist

"Our Annual Report & Accounts for 2022 details everything that we’ve been up to, how we’ve spent the funds entrusted to us by our partners and sponsors, Foundation director Tom Kok from AviAssist explained.

“It also provides a space to celebrate all the hard work that has gone into support aviation safety in Africa alongside African professionals. The annual report really shines a light on the brilliant work done by the Foundation’s professional volunteers.”

“No matter the improvement in flight safety performance we must never let our guard down”, commented Foundation chairman Christopher McGregor. “This relies upon every aviation professional. As such one of the most important roles of our Foundation is reflected in our high-quality training courses and online Focus sessions. We provide knowledge and experience gathered over millions and millions of flights through our professional volunteers. This knowledge and experience are at your disposal. I also believe we can progressively become a voice for all aviation professionals across the African continent to promote best practices, and share experience and learning. Speaking up is one of the pillars of SMS and a strong flight safety culture in every organisation. From a Board perspective our objective must be to sustain this great work in the years to come, identify opportunities to expand, bringing the message to an ever-increasing audience and maximise the support for AviAssist staff and volunteers.”

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