Ethiopian Airlines offers honeymoon getaway for employees

Ethiopian Airlines Group has awarded a special honeymoon package to three lucky employee couples.

A pair of newlyweds commemorated their nuptials. Image: Ethiopian Airlines

Group CEO, Mesfin Tasew, said: “We are more than an airline; we are a family. By granting these honeymoon packages, we honour the love and dedication of our employees, not just to each other but also to our great company.”

Zenebework G/Tsadik, Group VP Human Capital Management, added: “Our employees are our greatest asset. We strive to support them professionally and personally. This gesture is a testament to the holistic benefits we offer, which include free tickets, subsidised meals, comprehensive medical and insurance plans, housing projects, and transportation facilities.”

In a ceremony held at the Ethiopian Skylight Hotel, a pair of newlyweds, accompanied by their relatives and members of the Ethiopian Airlines Group’s executive team, commemorated their nuptials.