Irvine Partners adds Airbus to its African client roster

International communication advisory firm, Irvine Partners, has been appointed as the dedicated PR agency for Airbus across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Irvine Partners CEO, Rachel Irvine. Image: Irvine Partners

This will support its communications in the region over the next three years. 

“As a business with a strong foothold across Sub-Saharan Africa and an acute understanding of its audiences, we’re well positioned to tell the Airbus story. We will focus on tangible impact, specifically around socio-economic development on the continent, responsible growth and sustainability, and innovation within the aerospace industry,” said Irvine Partners CEO, Rachel Irvine.

Airbus is a major player on the continent and offers a wide portfolio of aerospace solutions including commercial airlines, helicopters, military aircraft and satellites. The appointment of Irvine Partners as a dedicated PR agency further signals their commitment to expansion and growth across the region.

Irvine Partners has six offices across Africa and the United Kingdom and is staffed by on-the-ground communications professionals, each attuned to the nuances of their markets. The agency is an ideal partner to elevate Airbus’s standing as a significant player on the continent.

“We were impressed by Irvine Partners’ approach, their reach, understanding and strategic insights into our communications approach across Africa. Irvine Partners has six offices across the continent, it's important for us to collaborate with partners who possess a comprehensive understanding of market nuances and dynamics. Together we’ll tell stories that matter within the continent,” said head of communications  Airbus Africa Middle East, Samsana Ismail.