Kathmandu airport implements new RNP AR procedures by NAVBLUE

Kathmandu airport has implemented a new RNP AR procedures designed by NAVBLUE.


Surrounded by mountains with a very challenging operating environment, Required Navigation Performance with Authorisation Required (RNP AR), a Performance Based Navigation (PBN) navigation specification, is the ideal solution for this type of airport. RNP AR allows navigation accuracy down to 0.3NM and below, and performing turns after the final approach point: trajectories can fit better in the obstacle landscape, reducing minimas whilst maintaining safety.

NAVBLUE had already developed RNP AR procedures in 2012 for Runway 02 at Kathmandu Airport, which includes Radius to Fix (RF) turns in the final segment to allow a curved approach around the mountains, as opposed to the straight-in VOR approach (VHF omnidirectional range) usually required to go over a mountain. These RNP AR procedures allow a comfortable glide slope of 2.8 degree compared to the VOR glide slope of 5.3 degree.

The new RNP AR APCH procedures designed by NAVBLUE in 2021 for Runway 20 at Kathmandu airport offer an IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) alternative to the current VFR (Visual Flight Rules) / circling approaches. RNP AR departure procedures for both runway ends have also been developed thanks to NAVBLUE’s unique expertise, providing full benefits to operators equipped with this capability.