Kuwait Airways receives 4000 job applications

Kuwait Airways continues its efforts to provide career opportunities for national youth and fresh graduates through the “Wathiq" programme.

The programme is aimed at attracting talents and localisation of positions in the Blue Bird, which the company launched in December 2022. This comes within the framework of the company's objectives to encourage fresh graduates to engage in the field of aviation and the air transport sector, as well as to enhance the spirit of patriotism of being a part of the national carrier of the State of Kuwait. 

Kuwait Airways chief support officer, Mohammad Al-Fawaz said: “Following the success of the “Wathiq" program during the period from December 2022 to January 2023, Kuwait Airways continues its efforts to discover talents from graduates and youth seeking opportunities in the job market. Due to the increasing demand from applicants, Kuwait Airways continues to conduct interviews and categorise the employment applications, as the company received more than 4000 applicants since the launch of the programme to work in the operational and support departments of the Blue Bird."

Al-Fawaz added, “Kuwait Airways has appointed and provided employment opportunities for 212 citizens in 2022, in addition to training approximately 50 students in the various departments of the company. The Blue Bird aims to appoint 300 citizens in 2023, in addition to training 100 students in coordination with INJAZ and LOYAC. Through this program, the company is keen to attract national talents who have the determination, ambition, and passion to become an added value to the Blue Bird in its development and progress, as well as in providing the best levels of service to its valued passengers."

Al-Fawaz explained, “These successive campaigns launched recently by the company are in line with its strategic plans for the short and medium term to increase the nationalisation rates and are based on the directives of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management in attracting national talents for the technical and administrative specialisations in the company's various departments. Kuwait Airways is taking steady steps to move forward in achieving the desired objectives in the localisation of vacant positions and assigns immense importance to the presence of the national element at work and be part of the Blue Bird's team."