Partnership on the Eve of urban landmark

Eve Air Mobility and flynas, the leading low-cost airline, are paving the way for eVTOL operations in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Image: Flynas

Eve Air Mobility, backed by Embraer, is dedicated to accelerating the urban air mobility ecosystem. Image: Flynas

Johann Bordais, CEO of Eve, said this groundbreaking journey with flynas will advance the future of air mobility in Saudi Arabia.

“This partnership represents not only a milestone in our shared vision for sustainable air travel, but also a commitment to shaping a more efficient, eco-friendly and accessible transportation landscape,” Bordais said.

By joining forces with the pioneering company in this field, flynas will contribute to the Vision 2030 sustainability goals and the ambitious targets in the aviation sector set by the Kingdom.

“This sustainable solution is in line with flynas’ strategy to adopt initiatives with sustainable impact on the environment, society and economy, in parallel with the national goals to neutralise greenhouse gas emissions by 2060,” said Bander Almohanna, CEO and managing director of the multi award-winning airline.

Currently, flynas operates more than 1,500 weekly flights to around 70 domestic and international destinations. This collaborative effort and the launch of eVTOL flights will provide travellers with another option for urban transportation.

Eve Air Mobility, backed by Embraer, is dedicated to accelerating the urban air mobility ecosystem with a holistic approach through a comprehensive global service and support network.

Eve is pursuing its collaboration with regulators, customers, air navigation service providers, fleet operators, vertiport developers, airports and other UAM stakeholders globally. It aims to advance concepts and develop technology to support initial operation and scaling of UAM operations from an ATM perspective.

Eve has engaged Atech, Embraer’s air traffic control technology and system integrator company, to support the development of the urban ATM software solution.

Eve has also signed an agreement with Kookiejar, a Swedish-based vertiport developer. It marks Eve’s first urban ATM agreement in Dubai. As Rob Weaver, urban ATM global business development lead at Eve rightly points out, UAM relies on infrastructure within the lower air space as well as accessible take-off and landing spots – vertiports.

“In Dubai, we’re looking forward to working with Kookiejar as they combine expertise in both ground and air infrastructure,” Weaver said.

According to Wassaf Akhtar, chief technology officer at Kookiejar, this will provide “equitable airspace access” on the network of vertiports for eVTOLs.

Anuradha Deenapanray

Anuradha Deenapanray

Anuradha is a francophone editor for African and Arabian Aerospace magazines.