Anuradha Deenapanray

Anuradha is a francophone editor for African and Arabian Aerospace magazines and a plurilingual translator/interpreter (French / English / Hindi).

Anuradha has over 30 years of experience in written press, radio/television, communications and publishing. She has worked as senior editor and newscaster at the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation, before heading the radio news section. Anuradha holds a PhD in Comparative Literature/Language Studies from Sorbonne Paris Nord University (France), a Masters in Communication, a Diploma in Journalism, and has followed training courses in journalism and editing (BBC, Doordashan, RTBF, CFPJ, France Télévision). She has also been communication advisor (Ministry of Economic Planning, Mts), Head of Publication (Evasion), correspondent of Sydney Radio and lecturer.

Born in Mauritius, Anuradha lives in France since 2002 where she runs her company (PVA Services).

Aviation, defence and space news from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia