TRAINING. Poland opens door on DA-42 military training for Alsim

The growing number of DA-42 in military roles across the emerging markets has seen a new business opportunity for Alsim who have been developing simulators for the civil training markets.

The DA42 Twin Star made its first flight in December 2002. It received the EASA IFR certification in May 2004. DA42 is the first diesel-powered aircraft to perform the non-stop crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.
The aircraft are used to provide sophisticated training for pilots of the RTAF.
The DA42 aircraft are also used by many military operators, including the Ghana Air Force and Niger Air Force.
Poland’s Military University of Aviation’s training centre has 32 aircraft, including three versions of Diamond aircraft DA-20, DA-40 and DA-42 in its fleet and have now added an Alsim Diamond flight simulator.
The Military University of Aviation has three twin-engine DA-42 aircraft. Twin-engine aircraft are mainly used to train military and civilian students to obtain MEP (L) and IR / PBN / ME qualifications.
The owned fleet of Diamond aircraft prompted The Military University of Aviation to purchase a new flight simulator which would have a full cockpit replica and the flight dynamics of DA-40 / DA-42 Diamond aircraft operated by Academic Aviation Training Centre, and at the same time meet all the EASA requirements for the FNPT II class - emphasizes Lt. Col. Tomasz Słomczyński.
A particular advantage of ALSIM AL4X-5 simulator is the fact that it is the first device of this type at the Military University of Aviation. This flight simulator represents the flight deck environment of both a single-engine DA-40 and a twin-engine DA-42 aircraft with the original Garmin G1000NXi avionics and air conditioning. It means both full compliance with the "real" cockpit as well as high comfort of work. The time to change from DA-40 to DA-42 cockpits takes approx. 10 minutes.
It is a system for comprehensive pilot training, allowing the implementation of the full training from zero flight hours to improving skills for a particular type of the aircraft. The simulator will be used in training for PPL (A), CPL (A) licenses, IR and PBN licenses on DA-40 and DA-42 aircraft.
The Alsim ALX simulator will soon be certified for PBN operations, which will make obtaining instrument ratings in a much simpler way. The great advantage of the device will be the possibility of using it as part of ground preparation before starting practical training on multi-engine DA-42 aircraft, because the device has an aerodynamic model of the DA-42 aircraft with characteristics enabling training in emergency procedures and flights with thrust asymmetry.

Alsim in action at the military training academy. (Image: Alsim)