Empire Aviation Group announces new global director of aircraft sales & acquisitions

Empire Aviation Group and CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation), has announced the appointment of Matthieu Chavrot as the global director of aircraft sales and acquisitions.



Empire Aviation Group and CAMO appoint Matthieu Chavrot as the global director of aircraft sales and acquisitions.  Image:  Empire Aviation Group


Empire Aviation manages one of the largest mixed fleets of business jets in the Middle East, and continues to develop its portfolio of services. Matthieu Chavrot will focus on sales and acquisitions as global demand for business jets increases, driven by the current global travel restrictions and the growing appreciation of the privacy, freedom and controlled environment offered by private aviation.


According to Empire Aviation, the global private aviation market has been very active over the last 18 months, as the pandemic helped increase the recognition of the benefits of private aviation, creating new and sustainable opportunities in sales and acquisitions. The current challenge is the diminishing inventory of high quality pre-owned aircraft for buyers looking for a fast acquisition. Empire Aviation is aiming to build the same professional reputation in aircraft sales as it has successfully done in aircraft management.


Chavrot said: “There are now more people able to afford to buy business jets and prepared to invest to reap the benefits of convenience, privacy and flexibility. They are also seeking the additional benefits of low touchpoints and the health and safety advantages of traveling in small, private groups. These buyers need fast and efficient professional support in what can be complex transactions for high value assets. Buyers may also be interested in our management services and this capability means we can also provide impartial advice about the ongoing operational costs, before committing, in a consultative approach to sales and acquisitions. For buyers, this means looking closely at the client’s mission types, aircraft age preference and budget.”