Joramco, Testia launch updated NDT test tool

A new version of the versatile SmartUE1 inspection tool – tagged the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of non-destructive testing (NDT) – has been released by Airbus company Testia.

Joramco, Testia launch updated NDT test tool.  Image: Joramco

Testia and its development partner, Joramco, say the new version of the all-in-one SmartUE1 inspection tool is designed to boost efficiency and traceability in the MRO environment. Chuck Grieve reports.


It is the latest outcome of a partnership formed during MRO Europe 2019. Since then, Toulouse-based Testia and Amman-based Joramco have introduced inspection tools in order to bring operational benefits in terms of efficiency, traceability and quality.


This wireless, lightweight (2kg) Windows device – designed specifically for the aerospace industry – offers both Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Testing capabilities. This allows inspectors to ‘travel light’ with all their tools comprised in a single kit.


The SmartUE1 is one of the rare tools in the market that offers both Ultrasonic and Eddy Current testing. In addition, six other modules are available to detect various types of indications such as delaminations, disbondings, fatigue cracks, lack of cladding as well as measuring thickness, coatings and conductivity. It can also offer a remote assistance connection, linking-up the on-the-field operator with a remote expert for collaboration.


Testia says the SmartUE1 also increases efficiency with its automated analysis and reporting generation. As it is based on a Windows tough-pad, the applications can seamlessly generate Word and Excel reports, thus avoiding dual entries and associated risks of errors.


E-mail servers, enterprise resources planning (ERP) as well as maintenance information systems can be installed on the device to facilitate archiving and traceability.


The tool is remotely upgradable in order to keep up to date with the latest features.


Mohammad Abu Hayyeh, manager of Joramco’s Component Shops, said: “We are happy to expand our collaboration with Testia after successfully using the smart kit (The Swiss army knife) and the thickness tool. These tools have played an important role in boosting Joramco quality of services by enhancing its efficiency and inspection lead times. In addition, the timely auto generated reports that helps us in taking the quick right decisions.”


Testia’s chief technical officer Guillaume Ithurralde said:  “We designed this tool as a combo, in order to give to the inspectors all they need at their fingertips. The kit is customisable according to the customer’s wishes, and a full configuration would replace at least three other investments at the customer end.”