SNA turns anti-aircraft fire onto Kenyan fighters

Media outlets in Somalia have reported that the Somali National Army (SNA) had engaged a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) fighter jet with anti-aircraft fire along the Mandera-Gedo border region separating the two countries.


Kenyan fighter jets in action (Strategic Intelligence Service)

The media reports indicate that the KDF fighter jet was not damaged, but was allegedly forced to re-route out of Mogadishu airspace.
Neither government has issued an official statement on the report and it remains unclarified at this time what type/variant of anti-aircraft weapon may have been employed by the SNA and/or at what altitude the alleged engagement of the KDF fighter jet occurred.
Kenya and Somalia have been locked in a bilateral dispute in recent months and in early December the Somali government suspended diplomatic relations with the Kenyans. Subsequent reporting indicates that both Kenya and Somalia have reinforced military deployments along their respective borders in recent weeks.