Saudi air space disruption due to Houthi attacks

Flight operations have largely normalised over Saudi Arabian airspace and at airports in the kingdom earlier today. Yesterday, the Saudi-led coalition (SLC) said it had shot down six Yemeni Houthi rebel drones targeting unspecified areas of Saudi Arabia according to reports from Osprey.

Saudi defences fight off attacks but airspace disrupted. IMAGE: Arab News

As well as these, two additional Houthi drones were shot down by the SLC over Asir and Najran provinces in the southwest of the kingdom.

The Saudi Ministry of Energy has confirmed that an oil facility in Jizan Province in the southwest of the country was targeted by a Houthi strike on 25 March and damage occurred to a storage tank. In the hours prior to these announcements, flights using Jizan Airport (OEGN/GIZ) were significantly disrupted, with inbound flights held from 1545-1845 UTC before diverting. Flights using Jeddah Airport (OEJN/JED) were also severely disrupted from 1700 UTC on 25 March with numerous flights diverted to Medina Airport

Earlier this week the Saudis had laid out plans for a cease fire.