IDEX: Virtual reality training in real time

Visitors had the chance to experience the thrill of flying a fast jet with CAE’s digitally immersive training and operational support solutions at their stand at IDEX in Abu Dhabi.

The company showcased the CAE Trax Academy – a comprehensive pilot training continuum that delivers faster, better and more efficient pilot throughput. Part of the CAE Trax Academy is the CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) trainer, which was on display and available to try.

Alexander Sell, Senior RPA Instructor, said: “The Trax Academy addresses the global shortage of pilot training. It uses artificial intelligence to teach students at their own pace, monitoring student performance in real time. The training is delivered in real time in line with the progress of the individual, offering a tailored and positive training experience.

“There is also instand feedback from a virtual instructor, as well as review from a real instructor. It allows pilots to progress very quickly, while identifying weak spots,” he added.

For the training institution it offers big data analysis, with training specific to the force, country and environment.

While the Sprint seat and its accompanying software is amazingly lifelike, Sell believes that there is more in store. He said: “This is the first generation, and there is constant further development. There is huge potential. Even UAV developers are looking at it for pilot training. There is still a need for live training on the UAV line of sight operations, but that is reduced by use of the Trax Academy system.”

The CAE Trax Academy includes virtual reality-enabled courseware to learn at your own pace; CAE Rise, a data-driven training system leveraging big data analytics and artificial intelligence to objectively assess performance; CAE Sprint Virtual Reality (VR) trainer that includes a VR headset, haptics, physical flight controls; and a CAE Medallion image generator to deliver a high-fidelity and realistic virtual environment.

Image: CAE