IDEX: Cerbair's Chimera offers portable jamming

French technology company Cerbair has launched the latest version of Chimera, its portable drone jamming technology at IDEX 2021.

Cerbair’s equipment is designed to detect and jam the frequency of rogue drones for the protection of commercial airports, military air bases and other sensitive areas. The system uses gnometric scans of the radio frequency to locate the drone and the radio unit controlling it, allowing detection and neutralisation of the threat, reports Jill Stockbridge.

Philippe Rouin, Vice President Marketing, said: “The technology was developed in response to the growing threat of disruption, or worse, from drones. Specifically, when a drone flew over the Elysee Palace, as well as the well-publicised disruption caused at Heathrow and then Madrid by drone pilots. Each unit has its own patterns of communication, specific to the make of the drone.”

The Chimera is the portable version of the equipment, designed to be carried by military units. The lightweight unit combines a back pack with antenna, that contains the detection module, a chest mounted tablet and a linked ear plug, providing both audio and visual input.

Yann Berger, sales manager, said: “There are several advantages to the new Chimera. It is lighter weight, at only 8kg, rather then 12kg. It has a new shaped body, allowing military personnel to carry it easily, alongside any regular equipment.’

As the ‘gun’ does not require precision aiming, it simply needs to scan the area, it can be carried on the left, leaving access to the right side weaponry unhindered.

Berger added: “The swing and scan, gives the user greater time to react. We have also added a new safety feature. Operation of the tracking setting is done in one simple trigger action. However, the operator is required to change hand position and reset the safety switch in order to begin jamming the frequency. This ensures that no unintentional jamming occurs, which could interfere with essential communications.”

A night shift setting disconnects the tablet display, giving only audio guidance for use in covert operations.

Once the Chimera has located the drone and the radio control unit, there are options available either to begin jamming, or to send a patrol to intercept the controller. Jamming also offers selected options, with the user able to freeze the drone until the battery fails, and then land it safely; send the drone back to the user; or force the drone to land straight away.

Cerbair also offer Hydra, a mobile drone and pilot detection unit, and Medusa, a fixed unit.


ABOVE RIGHT: The Chimera portable system in action

(IMAGE:  Cerbair)