IDEX: AMMROC provides MRO support to Etihad Engineering

AMMROC, a leading provider of military maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services in the Gulf region, has been contracted to provide a comprehensive range of support services to Etihad Engineering.

The agreement enables AMMROC to extend aircraft parking support and other services to Etihad Engineering, at its state-of-the-art MRO facility in Al Ain. The development was jointly announced by Hareb Thani Aldhaheri, CEO of AMMROC and Abdul Khaliq Saeed, CEO of Etihad Engineering during IDEX in Abu Dhabi.

The two companies will collaborate to overcome the downturn in the industry in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and enable Etihad Engineering to park and store a growing number of both wide- and narrow- body civil aviation aircraft at the AMMROC facility.

Abdul Khaliq Saeed said: “As we continue to add more capabilities to our comprehensive range of MRO solutions, we are seeing an increasing number of aircraft from global customers arriving in Abu Dhabi. We are delighted that our partnership with AMMROC not only supports the local economy but strengthens the UAE’s vision of leading the aviation and aerospace sector.”

AMMROC’s engagement reinforces its efforts to expand the breadth and depth of MRO Al Ain operations, while ensuring that the aircraft maintenance and parking project is retained within the UAE.

Hareb Aldhaheri said: “This new synergy marks a step in widening the scope of the traditional MRO services we provide our customers. In doing so, we are also enhancing the potential and capability of our world-leading MRO facility in Al Ain, as we partner with entities in civil aviation as well as military stakeholders – reiterating our long-term commitment to the sustainability of the MRO sector in the UAE.”

With a scope to support more than 35 different aircraft types, both fixed and rotary wing, AMMROC’s facility offers one of the region’s largest military and civil MRO hangar capacities - spanning an area of 36,500 sq. m. Incorporating four multi-purpose hangars, over 30 back shops and a specialised environmentally controlled strip/paint facility, AMMROC’s MRO hub provides nose-to-tail MRO capabilities.

Image: Etihad)