RoyalJet unveils newly refurbished VVIP Lounge

RoyalJet, the Abu Dhabi owned private aviation company, has recently unveiled its completely redesigned and upgraded VVIP Lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport.


Image: RoyalJet

The lounge was designed by the company and its partner Slash Design of Abu Dhabi.


Rob DiCastri, CEO, RoyalJet, said:  “In keeping with the landmark design projects Slash has undertaken for the Abu Dhabi Royal Family and the Abu Dhabi government, the lounge has been designed and created with the objective to reflect the rich heritage of the emirate. 


“This has been brought to life through the inclusion of various elegant and timeless art pieces from local artists in the various spaces, the utilising of locally made products throughout the experience, and the serving of meals made from locally-sourced ingredients.”


He added: “When we commenced work with Slash on our company wide customer experience transformation project it became clear that in order to bring this transformation to life we had to begin where our customer’s journey begins in ernest – in our VVIP lounge. What they see and feel in this space will set the tone for the rest of their RoyalJet experience.


 “We also wanted to take this opportunity to better demonstrate to our visitors that we are an Abu Dhabi company.  A key element of our new vision is to project the values and the identity of Abu Dhabi and the UAE and we’ve started to do that in this space.”