Sabeti Wain lets passengers sit safely

Sabeti Wain Aerospace, which dominates the Middle East region with its aircraft seating covers, has developed a seat safety product for airlines to consider.

Sabeti Wain offer a new seat safety product in two options for airlines.  Image: Sabeti Wain



“The seat safety product is a clear plastic flat packed - so it can be stored in the cabin without taking too much room,” said Paymen Sabeti, director.


The product has been developed following the current covid-19 pandemic to offer safety and peace of mind for both passengers and airlines.


“The seat safety product can be attached behind the headrest on the seat and will cover the sides and the top of the passengers head from the passenger sitting next to and behind. It is priced to be affordable and purchased in large numbers for all economy seats in the cabin,” said Sabeti.


Sabeti said the company, which has a facility in Dubai, offers two options; plain plastic or with leather or fabric stitched to the sides and back.