TATV Newsround: major breakthrough in development

This week’s TATV news from the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Turkey looks at a major breakthrough in the development of an eVTOL cargo carrier.

With cargo a growing market across the MEASA region, UK -based Samad has passed the development and production of its Starling Cargo electric aircraft to Aerosud in South Africa. We look at the project and how viable it will be to solve some of Africa’s logistics problems.

In the airline industry partnerships are increasing and Mark Pilling talks to Adel Ali, CEO of Sharjah’s low cost carrier Air Arabia about new ventures in Europe and Asia.

Staying in the UAE, Chloe Greenbank finds out about Ras Al Khaimah’s plan to get its airport back on track with some experienced partners and airlines.

All this, plus the news from across the region from Marcelle Nethersole.

This TATV programme is brought to you with the support of the World Defense Show.

Alan Peaford

Alan Peaford MBE

Alan is a regular broadcaster and is the consultant editor-in-chief and presenter for Times Aerospace TV and is a regular commentator on aviation issues for many global broadcasting channels. He is conference chairman of the Aviation Africa summit and the Aviation MENA summit and has moderated or chaired conferences for organisations such as IATA, DCAA, the Global Aerospace Summit and business aviation associations in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Mark Pilling

Mark Pilling

Mark is a consulting editor to Arabian and African Aerospace.

Marcelle (Ella) Nethersole

Marcelle (Ella) Nethersole

Ella is a news editor for digital news channels including Arabian Aerospace, African Aerospace and Times Aerospace TV.