TATV Spotlight: Lockheed Martin on Network centric defence

The battleground for the defence industry is changing. New alliances and partnerships are being formed and the military worries less about hardware and more about connectivity and capability. In this TATV Spotlight programme we talk to Bon Harward, the CEO of Lockheed Martin Middle East.

With the region’s premier event, the Dubai Airshow, taking place this month, Alan Peaford asked Bob about this new approach to defence with the 21st century capabilities and processes as we embrace a network centric defence.

Harward explains what network centric defence means and assesses the capabilities of the Gulf forces to embrace the new systems and technologies. 

“I think they have the experience base as they bring those capabilities online and become better network. They'll be able to bring in the other players with their platforms and assets, they have to allow this network to be very broad, very comprehensive, and most importantly, very capable. And that serves as a great deterrence to some of the hostile environments that they're seeing from other competitors in the region. What they're doing becomes a deterrent to that aggression and expansion of their power base because of that network connectivity and the ability to share and distribute that information".

Alan Peaford

Alan Peaford MBE

Alan is a regular broadcaster and is the consultant editor-in-chief and presenter for Times Aerospace TV and is a regular commentator on aviation issues for many global broadcasting channels. He is conference chairman of the Aviation Africa summit and the Aviation MENA summit and has moderated or chaired conferences for organisations such as IATA, DCAA, the Global Aerospace Summit and business aviation associations in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.