Erwan de Cherisey

Erwan has been writing about military aviation matters since 2008. He developed an interest in African military aviation and history over a decade ago after working alongside French forces in Djibouti in 2010.

In 2015, Erwan conducted his first field reportage in Mali with United Nations forces. That same year he also travelled to Cameroon and accompanied the Cameroonian military in the Far North region where operations against Boko Haram were underway. Since then, he has undertaken several additional visits to both Mali and Cameroon. In the latter country he flew extensively with the Air Force, including aboard its Z9WE attack helicopters and Cessna 208B ISR aircraft.

Erwan specialises in sub-Saharan Africa military aviation developments. His primary interests include helicopters, UAVs, transport aircraft as well as pilot training. Erwan also keeps an eye on civilian aviation developments related to wildlife conservation and counter-poaching efforts due to his long standing interest in Rhinoceros conservation. 

Aviation, defence and space news from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia