VisionSafe partners with Dynamic Advanced Training in Dubai

VisionSafe and Dynamic Advanced Training have entered a strategic training and safety partnership.

Image: Dynamic Advanced Training

The partnership will showcase EVAS (Emergency Vision Assurance System) as a critical safety initiative during a blinding cockpit smoke emergency.

EVAS is the only solution for this dangerous and potentially catastrophic event that allows a pilot to view their instruments and flight path when visibility in the cockpit is compromised with smoke. Dynamic Advanced Training, the leading independent safety training centre in Dubai, offers their customers realitybased training to prepare for any worst case scenario while flying.

“EVAS is critical to cockpit safety and its importance best seen during a true situational and real life flying simulation. Dynamic Advanced Training has developed a game changing training experience that entertains while you learn and offers this in a stateoftheart facility” said Chris Skurat, vice president of sales and strategic partnerships at VisionSafe.

Mark Kammer, Operations Director for Dynamic Advanced Training adds, “Dynamic’s realitybased training philosophy was developed for aircrew to make sense and effective use of their training, leading to superior training outcomes. By creating and facilitating realistic scenarios including all sensory inputs, aircrew are motivated to mesh knowledge and motor skills and be able to confidently apply this when a situation calls upon it. The conventional attention and focus on cockpit fire/smoke training is fairly modest. Therefore, we have equipped our Full Motion Cabin Simulator with EVAS for pilots to experience blinding cockpit smoke and learn how easily and effectively installed units can mitigate what may otherwise be a catastrophic event. Experiencing why and knowing how is the most valuable form of training. Seeing is more than just believing.”