Qatar Airways collaborates with GE Aviation and IATA

Qatar Airways and GE Aviation have joined forces to launch a customised training programme under the name ‘Leadership, Future and Culture’ (LFC).

Image: Qatar Airways

National senior managers of Qatar Airways attended this one-week course, which was designed for them to connect and enrich their leadership skills.

The ‘Leadership, Future and Culture’ training programme was created to enable National participants to develop a better understanding of different ways to further evolve and shape the future of leadership in Qatar’s culture. Employees from other sectors and industries in the aviation field have also participated in this programme, which has benefitted Nationals in learning from other leaders and gain different perspectives. GE experts also displayed a number of ways to facilitate leadership skills through the emphasis of fostering teams by covering topics on Leading in 2025, Coaching as an Alternative Mode, Neuroscience of Success, and Storytelling.

Qatar Airways Group chief executive, Akbar Al Baker, said: “The Al Darb Qatarisation programme continually provides unique opportunities for Nationals designed to elevate them to excellence and success. Within this framework, Qatar Airways strives to further support the community and gear up for the future. Through this special programme collaboration with GE Aviation, National Senior Managers acquired the necessary information to boost their leadership skills and reinforce their knowledge on perseverance and maintaining smart objectives, as well as helping them facilitate an efficient working environment within Qatar Airways”.

Qatar Airways senior vice president nationalisation and special projects, Nabeela Fakhri, said: “Qatar Airways has always sought to enhance its employees’ careers, by providing the best innovative training programmes to develop and further enrich their skills and abilities. By providing our National Senior Managers with this unique training programme, we are ensuring the progress and professional development of our National leaders, while asserting Qatar Airways leading position”.

GE Aviation general manager sales Middle East, Main Canaan, said: “GE Aviation was proud to partner with Qatar Airways and GE Crotonville to deliver the (LFC) program. Crotonville was established in 1956 is believed to be the world’s first corporate university. Its mission is to inspire, develop and connect the leaders of today and tomorrow and as such, it represents the very epicentre of GE culture and learning. The Leadership, Future & Culture program was specially designed for selected strategic customers to replicate the type of learning experience GE leaders receive at the Crotonville campus. We were pleased to share GE’s approach to leadership development with Qatar Airways and look forward to continuing this leadership journey with future participants”.

The ‘Leadership, Future and Culture’ programme was held in Ossining, New York at Crotonville, in GE’s facilities and encompasses an interactive forum, providing Qatar Airways’ National leaders with instructions to resolving issues and ways to tackle tough challenges. All leaders were also given the opportunity to take part in innovative aviation courses administered by International Air Transport Association (IATA) to progress their knowledge and skills. The courses inspire the participants to step out of their comfort zones and delve deep into aviation industry knowledge.