India’s Avyanna Aviation Academy chooses elite simulation solution

Avyanna Aviation Academy has added a precision-engineered ELITE PI-1000 Professional Advanced Aviation Training Device.

Image: ELITE

Based at the Kishangarh Airport, Avyanna Aviation Academy has been able to establish itself as one of the most modern pilot training institutes in the region, priding itself on delivering exceptional education and the latest in simulation technology. Now, the school is expanding its offering further with the addition of a special ELITE PI-1000 Pro AATD.

This advanced simulator is ideal for aviation enthusiasts, aspiring pilots, and training institutions alike, offering exceptional realism and adaptability. Precision-engineered by ELITE’s experienced teams, the PI-1000 meets the exacting standards of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is eligible for certification as an AATD.

With a highly realistic cockpit, students will be able to immerse themselves in a lifelike environment that includes replica G1000 instrumentation, switch panels, heavy-duty rudder pedals, and a professional-grade control yoke. The simulator is also very versatile, capable of supporting a range of single and twin aircraft models, including the Cessna 172R, Cessna 172S, Cessna 182T, Cessna T182T, Cessna 206, Cessna T206, and Beechcraft Baron G58.

Avyanna Aviation Academy opted for a special setup for their PI-1000, selecting three special 65” visual systems that will provide a highly realistic experience, with graphics powered by the proven Lockheed Martin P3D Image Generator.

Rene Huddlestone, director of Marketing & Sales at ELITE, said: “It has been a pleasure working with the Avyanna Aviation Academy to deliver this custom PI-1000 simulator. The school is one of the very best in India, and this latest device will help to ensure that their students are able to learn and practice their skills in a highly realistic and authentic environment.”