EgyptAir Training Academy signs three new contracts

EgyptAir Training Academy signed three new contracts during the Dubai Airshow aiming to expand the academy's training services.

Image: Egyptair Training Academy

The first contract was signed with Libyan company Mazaya Training Consulting and Aviation Sciences. EgyptAir Training Academy will provide training services to Libyan pilots on Airbus A320 and A330 simulators; in addition to multiple training courses to Libyan cabin crews such as Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP), Aviation Security Courses (AVSEC) and Dangerous Goods (DGR).

Another contract was signed with Birdman Aviation of India, by which EgyptAir Training Academy will provide academic training services to Indian individuals and companies; and assures its presence in the Indian market.

A third contract was signed with Sudanese Company Tarco Aviation which will enable Sudanese Pilots to receive training services on B737-800 simulators; in addition to providing several training courses to Sudanese cabin crews and engineers.