CPF and Airbus to provide training for Jordanian engineering students

The Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) has signed an agreement with Airbus to provide training opportunities for Jordanian engineering students.

Image: Airbus

The agreement was signed by Dr. Tamam Mango, CPF's CEO, and Philippe Fontes, Vice President of Airbus and Head of Human Resources.

According to the agreement, 12 bachelor and master’s degree engineering students from all Jordanian universities will have training at Airbus headquarter in Toulouse, under the supervision of professional experts from the company.

CPF announced that they would recruit students by coordinating with all Jordanian universities, according to pre-set criteria, and Airbus will choose the final candidates.

Dr. Mango said: "The partnership with Airbus is one of the most important partnerships we have at CPF, it started in 2017 to provide unique training opportunities for engineering students with the aim of enhancing their technical and cultural skills".

Mango added: "The training will increase the student's competitiveness locally and regionally, which is aligned with our strategic approach at CPF, working towards developing the capabilities and skills of youth. This partnership falls under the Youth Excellence Fund, one of CPF's initiatives, which provides similar internship opportunities".

Dr. Mango added: "We all count on our youth and firmly believe they will achieve what is required."

Mikail Houari, President of Airbus Africa and the Middle East, commented: “Aerospace is a vital growth sector for the Middle East region, supporting long-term economic growth and diversification. It is, therefore, crucial to inspire and train future talent to sustain the development of the industry. At Airbus, we have been driving various regional and global campaigns to engage with youth and inspire them to study aeronautics and pursue jobs in the aerospace industry. We are very proud of our long-term collaboration with the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF); together, we want to support the creation of a sustainable pipeline of talent for the region's aerospace sector."