AviAssist and Landover team up for West African aviation safety

AviAssist has signed a partnership agreement with an approved training organisation in West Africa.

AviAssist director Tom Kok. Image: AviAssist

The AviAssist Foundation and Landover Company have signed an agreement for the organisation and hosting of three aviation safety promotion courses at the Landover Aviation Business School (LABS), Lagos, Nigeria.

“A better safety record in West and Central Africa is not only good for the safety of travellers in the region but it is also good to help lower the operational costs across Africa with opportunities for lower insurance premiums," said AviAssist director Tom Kok.

“A safer West African sky is crucial if the continent wants to realise the objectives of the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM)".

AviAssist will deliver 2 two-day human factors in aviation course and a Team leadership in aviation course at LABS. All three events will take place in the week of May 6, 2024.

The courses will be accessible to professionals from Nigeria and the region. The support of sponsors including the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Boeing will assist in ensuring very affordable prices, granting more aviation professionals access to essential training.

Landover Company managing director Capt. Edward Boyo: “We are very pleased to cooperate with AviAssist as leading reference organisation on African aviation safety promotion. It fits well with Landover’s commitment to boosting aviation safety in Nigeria and in the region.”