Amideast and Boeing celebrate graduation of STEM programme recipients

180 young men and women have celebrated their graduation from the STEM programme, funded by Boeing and implemented by Amideast/Egypt.

Launched on November 30, 2021, The STEM Centre, established through the generous funding from Boeing, provides diverse program offerings designed to equip students with awareness of STEM fields, and knowledge and skills that will help them better respond to the changing needs of the global economy and contribute to the nation’s economic development through innovative ideas that create impact.


STEM Centre students received training in LEGO Education, robotics, graphics, animation, 3D printing, programming, Web development, and Entrepreneurship development focused on establishing businesses in the area of STEM with a particular emphasis on climate related innovations. These courses build student creativity and problem-solving skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. through experimentation and an inquiry-based learning approach.

  “We are proud to partner with Amideast/Egypt to support the Egyptian youth. Boeing celebrates the inspiration and sense of accomplishment STEM programs can bring to young minds. For us, it is important to support them and ensure they have the right resources and the right development opportunities to be able to succeed and meet future market demand, particularly in the fast-growing aerospace industry,” said Kuljit Ghata-Aura, President of Boeing Middle East, Türkiye and Africa (META).


“We are delighted to be graduating the first Cohort of the Boeing funded STEM programs for Egyptian youth.  The students are bright young men and women interested in diverse STEM fields.  The impact of this program is not just in these students and what they learnt but what this means in the future: more young women learning that STEM fields are accessible, and they can build careers in nanotechnology if they choose, young entrepreneurs learning about how to develop STEM focused businesses that address the challenges we face in today’s ever-changing world, and young boys and girls learning together that science is fun.  Thank you to Boeing for making this possible.” said Shahinaz Ahmed, Amideast/Egypt country director.