Tupan and ForestAu Green to start its operations in the UAE

Tupan, an innovative air vehicle technology, has announced a partnership agreement with ForestAu Green to start its operations in the UAE.

(L-R) Erwin Doktor, Oderli Ferriani, CEO, ForestAu Green LLC, Alberto Carlos Pereira, CEO, Tupan and Marco Minerbo, Chief Commercial Officer, Tupan

ForestAu Green is an environmental digital asset investment fund, focused on promoting the regenerative circular economy in the Amazonian region. The fund is the issuer of the "Tupan Token" and intends to promote economic and social-environmental integration by promoting the qualified management of these digital assets.

"We are excited to partner with Tupan and support their innovative technology in the UAE and beyond," said ForestAu Green LLC CEO, Oderli Feriani. "Tupan's versatile air vehicles have the potential to revolutionise cargo transport, and we look forward to working together to advance our shared goals of promoting sustainability and economic development."

Tupan's CEO, Alberto Carlos Pereira, said:  "Their commitment to fostering the regenerative circular economy aligns with our own goals, and we believe that this partnership will enable us to have a positive impact in the region and beyond."