SITA unveils new AI-powered platform for airport management

SITA has launched its airport management tool, the SITA Airport Operations Total Optimizer.

Image: SITA

Total Optimizer harnesses AI and the principles of Total Airport Management to optimise holistically across a variety of airport functions.

Over the past decade, airports have managed to optimise individual airport functions. However, these individual optimisations are not well synchronised with each other. Teams, systems, procedures and KPIs all conflict with one another and significantly reduce efficiencies, costing airports millions of dollars per year.

“This is one of the biggest innovations yet in the sphere of total airport management,” says Stefan Schaffner, VP of Airports at SITA, citing the platform’s impressive ability to leverage AI and data analytics.

“The unveiling of the SITA Airport Operations Total Optimizer comes at a time when passenger numbers are continuing to grow at pace. Meeting this demand not only requires that the industry harnesses smarter digital solutions to ensure greater efficiencies and to streamline operations but that sustainable business practices are successfully integrated across the ecosystem.”

SITA’s 2023 Air Transport IT Insights research highlights increased IT spending as a current CIO imperative, alongside ongoing digitalisation efforts and a drive to deliver on sustainability commitments.

“SITA offers the expertise and technologies needed to reinvent the processes that will underpin tomorrow’s journey, along with the operations that keep the wheels of our industry in motion,” said Schaffner.