Rostec reduces development time for high-speed aircraft

Rosteс State Corporation has developed a method for measuring the parameters of radio-transparent materials used in the production of high-speed aircraft.

The application of this method will reduce the time for designing and modelling products for aviation and rocketry which are exposed to high temperature in flight.

The only technique in Russia certified by Rosstandart makes it possible to reliably determine the dielectric characteristics of structural materials at the design stage in the temperature range up to +1200 °C. This technique makes it possible to reduce the time of development work and laboratory research due to the optimal radio engineering design and modelling of radio-transparent fairings of high-speed aircraft.

“Radio-transparent fairings for high-speed aircraft experience significant thermal loads during operation. The task of designers is to ensure that the product shows the specified radio-technical characteristics in a wide temperature range. The technique for measuring parameters developed by the experts of ORPE Technologiya improves and speeds up the process of developing such equipment,” said Oleg Yevtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec.