Oman Air signs renews Passenger Service System and distribution agreement

Sabre Corporation and Oman Air have renewed its long-term agreement to help the airline reach its strategic goals.

Image: Oman Air

The agreement includes a multi-year renewal of Oman Air’s SabreSonic Passenger Service System (PSS) and a further multi-year extension of its global distribution system agreement.  This will ensure Oman Air continues to utilise Sabre’s technology, retailing capabilities and global scope to push forward its digital transformation.

By renewing its exclusive PSS agreement and investing in Sabre’s Digital Connect APIs, Oman Air aims to advance its digital retailing strategy, drive revenue growth and increase self-service capabilities. Digital Connect will also help Oman Air accelerate its digital transformation and bring products to the marketplace quickly, providing scalability and flexibility across its digital touch-points, such as its website and mobile app.

“A new approach of retailing is required for all players in the travel ecosystem to succeed in a highly competitive landscape,” said Roshan Mendis, chief commercial officer, Sabe Travel Solutions.  “This intelligent retailing approach allows Oman Air to differentiate its brands and personalise its offerings through all channels.  It also enables agencies to efficiently shop and compare increasingly sophisticated offers, which will also bring greater choice and transparency to Oman Air’s travellers.  As Sabre focuses on delivering more intelligent retailing solutions to meet changing traveller expectations, I’m proud that we are able to help Oman Air realise its transformation vision.” 

The renewed distribution agreement enables Oman Air to continue to reach Sabre's valuable network of global buyers, while ensuring that Sabre-connected travel buyers have access to the airline's comprehensive fares and content – including ancillaries.

“We are pleased to announce the renewal of our PSS as well as the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) agreements with Sabre,” said Aboudy Nasser, chief commercial officer of Oman Air. “Oman Air is working with Sabre to advance intelligent retailing capabilities, which will enable our passengers to take advantage of highly personalised offers and products that Oman Air has designed for them. Sabre has also been instrumental in digitising our business processes in line with current global trends and helping to ensure that our guests enjoy a smooth and seamless booking experience.”

“On the distribution side, our proposed NDC API integration with Sabre’s GDS would allow our travel partners to make optimal decisions for our guests. This renewal comes at an exciting time for Oman Air as travel continues to expand post COVID-19.  We look forward to further enhancing our collaboration with Sabre in the future to support the ever-evolving needs of the airline and our passengers,” Nasser added.