Neo Space Group and Display Interactive to deliver new inflight experiences

Neo Space Group (NSG) and Display Interactive (DI), have advanced Skywaves satellite connectivity system for airlines, and SkyFly end user portal which will transform in-flight passenger experiences.

Image: Neo Space Group

The introduction of Skywaves, under the new partnership, will unlock a wide range of capabilities that will enable airlines to provide passengers with seamless connectivity and digital services during flights. Skywaves is a tailored traffic management platform with the ability to intelligently switch traffic from one interoperable network to another through the latest cloud technology with the ability to connect to multi-orbit satellite capacity. The platform will create new levels of efficiency for the aviation industry and offer superior Service Level Agreements (SLAs) compared to current industry standards. In addition, the Skywaves platform is also agnostic towards underlying satellite operations and fits neatly within the “Connectivity-as-a-Service” model, offering airlines a comprehensive and future-proof connectivity solution.

The partnership will offer SkyFly, a state-of-the-art end user portal that will enable a range of services for passengers at the touch of a button during flights such as movie streaming, online shopping, and other digital services with seamless user experience. SkyFly will be flexible enough to increase the bandwidth based on specific demands during the flight while providing high levels of service to different passenger groups, as and when required. 

Faisal Alsalloum, managing director of NSG: “This partnership with DI represents a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionise inflight connectivity, Skywaves empowers airlines with a flexible and scalable solution that enhances passenger experience while meeting the demands of today's digital era."

Tarek El Mitwalli, CEO of Display Interactive, added: "We are thrilled to partner with NSG to introduce Skywaves to the aviation industry, with the ambition of a fiber-like throughput to aircraft. Our combined expertise and technological innovations will set a new standard for inflight connectivity, providing airlines with unparalleled capabilities and enhancing their competitiveness in the market.