L3Harris Commercial Aviation: Innovative Solutions for Airlines

L3Harris Commercial Aviation Solutions is a rarity in the industry. It fuses a multitude of integrated offerings that touch nearly every aspect of airline operations. End-to-end solutions include a broad range of next-generation avionics, flight data analytics, full-flight simulators, and pilot training services with a clearly defined focus on enhancing safety, operational efficiency, and cost savings for airlines.

Image courtesy: L3Harris


As the industry leader in voice and flight data recorders, ADS-B In/Out solutions, and precision tactical navigation systems, L3Harris state-of-the-art surveillance solutions substantially improve pilot situational awareness and operational efficiency. Advanced displays and dependable standbys raised the bar for industry standards. L3Harris products can be found on virtually every platform flying today, allowing operators to cost-effectively upgrade older aircraft to the latest technology with the most contemporary innovations and disruptive technologies.

Programs like SRVIVR25™ and the new Extra Light Data Recorder (xLDR) set the new standard for capturing the most data ever available for airlines, helicopters, eVTOLs, and unmanned aircraft. These products exceed mandated requirements to protect critical flight information, determine incident causes, and strategic analysis to prevent future occurrences and enhance safety.


The RealitySeven full-flight simulators are among the most sophisticated in the industry today and are fully motion capable. L3Harris calibrates the simulators using accumulated flight data and guarantees the aerodynamics, flight control, and ground handling characteristics to simulate as many as six levels of motion and realistic cockpit sounds – preparing pilots for real flight situations while advancing their credentials. The new Reality7e A320-family full flight simulator provides a suite of maintenance and support utilities, including a secure customer portal that details software versions for future upgrades and enhancements, reducing the airline’s lifetime ownership costs.

L3Harris global airline academies and training centers provide integrated and modular courses developed through years of real-world experience and insight for aspiring and seasoned pilots. The international training centers are approved by global regulators including the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA), the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Their airline pilot pathway program help airlines recruit, train and build future airline pilots aligned to each airline’s standard operating procedures.


L3Harris also provides the industry’s leading flight data analytics platform, enabling airlines, helicopters, business jet operators, and unmanned aircraft manufacturers to make informed, data-driven decisions. Flight Data Connect provides a fast, accurate recreation of flights in graphical and 3D formats with specific, actionable insights generated by statistical models for Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Analysis (FOQA). In minutes, customers can upload their data and benchmark their operations to validate operational safety against a global database of over 24 million flights and aligned to their defined standard operating procedures. It also delivers equipment data and alerts and indicates fuel consumption.

Express Readout services provides cockpit voice, flight data and data link recorder certifications, and intelligibility reports using a modernized solution that delivers basic or enhanced reports. These solutions are available for any platform, and any recorder, including 25-hour cockpit voice recorders. For easy accessibility and recall, reports are saved indefinitely in the web portal.


L3Harris focuses on minimizing aircraft downtime with global AOG spare and exchange logistics support, supplying critical inventory from convenient locations. The new service-oriented aftermarket support includes a more robust, cross-portfolio technical support team for quicker assistance, new tech libraries and customer-focused programs.

L3Harris is actively investing in new technologies, services, and programs to help airline operations increase efficiency while reducing aircraft lifetime ownership costs.