IndiGo launches 6Eskai on WhatsApp

IndiGo takes another stride towards enhancing customer experience with the launch of its AI conversational booking assistant, 6Eskai, on WhatsApp.

Image: Indigo

Built on the generative AI assistant platform developed by Riafy, a Google partner, this service will allow customers to book tickets, check-in, generate boarding pass, check their flight status, and ask their queries on WhatsApp. Powered by this groundbreaking technology, this service will address customer queries received via text and voice messages in English, Hindi, and Tamil languages initially 

To support this service on WhatsApp, 6Eskai leverages Google Cloud’s Large Language Models. With extensive prompt engineering, this service offers conversational interactions, responds to emotions, and even infuses humour into responses, ensuring a more engaging experience for customers. The extension of this service on WhatsApp will significantly enhance the hassle-free travel booking services available to customers, through the IndiGo’s digital channels. 

Neetan Chopra, chief digital & information officer, IndiGo said: "We are delighted to announce the launch of our AI-powered travel booking assistant, 6Eskai, on WhatsApp. As India's preferred airline, IndiGo is committed to delivering superior digital services by harnessing cutting-edge technology. This new feature underscores our dedication to technological innovation and the enhancement of customer experience. It is designed to provide immediate, personalised support to our valued customers, reflecting IndiGo's unwavering commitment to progress and customer satisfaction.”