IndiGo introduces new hotel booking option

IndiGo has launched a new hotel booking option on its website and app.

Image: IndiGo

The integrated service allows travellers to seamlessly book both flights and hotels, saving time and simplifying the travel planning process. 

IndiGo has partnered with Vernost Marketing Services Private, who have developed and manage the hotel platform integrated with flight platform. Vernost, a marketing partner of Expedia Group, expands IndiGo's customer offerings by providing access to Expedia Group's extensive portfolio of over 700,000 properties across 250,000 destinations worldwide. With this new expansion, IndiGo has made planning and booking a more convenient and efficient experience. Now, book your flights and hotels with IndiGo.

Neetan Chopra, chief digital and information officer, IndiGo said: “At IndiGo, we are always looking at improving customer journey through continuous digitization. This expansion into hotel booking platform underscores the airline’s commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction by curating a streamlined travel experience, serving as a one-stop destination for both flight and hotel bookings. This expansion takes IndiGo's promise of seamless travel to new frontiers, not just 35,000 feet above sea level, but even beyond their journey in the sky. With over 7 lakh properties to choose from in India and abroad, we are dedicated to enhancing every aspect of our customers' travel experience.”