Honeywell launches new KX 200 navigation and communications system

Honeywell is launching a new KX 200 navigation and communications system designed to meet the needs of pilots operating next-generation cockpits.

Image: Honeywell

The KX 200 is an easy installation upgrade for the older KX 155 and KX 165 systems. The system also has been enhanced to ensure it meets European pilots’ needs by offering 25khz or 8.33khz frequencies and is compatible with 14-volt and 28-volt systems. 

The new KX 200 is a fully digital navigation and communications system that offers improved performance, utilises an intuitive high-resolution colour LCD display, incorporates a 50-channel memory preset function and is compatible with existing indicators and installed BendixKing equipment. This product will also be compatible with the new Honeywell Anthem cockpit for future capabilities and safety enhancements. 

“We redesigned the new KX 200 with ease of installation in mind,” said Andrew Barker, vice president, Integrated Avionics, Honeywell Aerospace. “The upgrade requires minimal or no aircraft downtime. Operators and owners of this new system will not have to worry about changing their navigation and communications systems if they decide to upgrade their existing cockpits.”