Air India introduces integrated self-baggage drop and self-kiosk check-in service

Air India has introduced an integrated self-baggage drop and self-kiosk check-in service at Terminal 3 Delhi airport.

Image: Air India

This makes it the first Indian carrier to do so.

The service is currently available for all Australia-bound flights as well as all for all flights within India.

Air India guests are now able to enjoy a seamless digital process to print boarding passes and baggage tags, and drop bags on their own, obviating the need to check-in over the counters.

Rajesh Dogra, chief customer experience & ground handling officer, Air India, said: “This facility eliminates the queue waiting time for check-in over the counters and helps travellers to nearly breeze through the airport. We not only plan to extend this for flights to more countries around the world, but also intend to introduce it at other airports in India as well as at majorairports in other parts of the world. Our continued effort remains to simplify processes and elevate customer experience, for our guests to enjoy travelling as much as we love flying them.”