UAS clients benefit from sustainable aviation solutions

Global aviation solutions provider, UAS International Trip Support (UAS) and aviation sustainability solution leader, 4AIR, have entered a strategic partnership.

UAS and 4AIR, have enter a strategic partnership. Image: UAS

The partnership will see UAS offer award-winning sustainable aviation solutions to its global clientele of Heads of State, VVIPs, Fortune Global 500 companies, commercial airlines, and business jet operators. This partnership supports UAS’ goal to provide its clients with end-to-end aviation solutions and become a one-stop shop for all aviation needs.

4AIR's dedication to aviation sustainability is evident through its comprehensive suite of programs, covering voluntary sustainability initiatives, regulatory monitoring & compliance , and sustainable aviation fuel inventory management. Engaging with industry stakeholders including fuel producers, suppliers, FBOs, end-users, as well as environmental and industry associations, 4AIR's commitment to reducing the cost of decarbonising aviation reinforces their aim of making sustainability accessible and cost-effective for industry stakeholders.

“Decarbonising the aviation sector is a key challenge to solve. And this is central to UAS’ mission to revolutionise the travel experience. We want to set a new standard for sustainable aviation and play our part in the achievement of our industry’s carbon neutrality goals. Therefore, we are delighted to now offer award-winning sustainable aviation solutions to our clients and to enter a partnership with 4AIR, a globally renowned leader in the field. We are continuing to embrace sustainability and help to reshape the future of aviation,” said Omar Hosari, UAS Co-Founder and CEO.

UAS customers will have facilitated access to 4AIR programs, including access to regulatory monitoring & compliance, carbon offsetting, SAF book and claim, and even their Aviation Climate Fund, aimed at supporting research for future aviation technologies.

“4AIR is proud to embark on this partnership with UAS. By integrating our award-winning sustainability solutions into UAS' comprehensive aviation offerings, we aim to empower UAS customers with the knowledge and tools they need to more easily integrate sustainability into their operation and make meaningful strides towards long term sustainability goals,” said Nancy Bsales, COO of 4AIR.