Gulf Air saves on fuel with Honeywell forge flight efficiency

Gulf Air has signed a multiyear renewal of Honeywell Forge software to help increase operational efficiencies and decrease costs associated with several factors, including unnecessary fuel burn.

Image: Gulf Air

More than 2,700 aircraft worldwide, including Gulf Air’s fleet, use Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency to deliver more profitable and sustainable operations.

Gulf Air utilises Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency fleetwide in approximately 36 wide and narrow body Boeing and Airbus aircraft. By implementing the solution across its fleet, the airline has reported it receives reliable, accurate data on fuel burn, which it has used to optimise its fueling strategies, develop and manage more efficient routes, and measure impact on companywide efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

“We are proud that Gulf Air trusts Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency to optimise the performance of its fleet and increase the sustainability of its operations through our software solution to improve fuel consumption,” said Jason Wissink, vice president of sales, Honeywell Connected Aerospace. “Gulf Air continues to drive innovation by making smart investments in enterprise performance management solutions. Our offering empowers teams like flight ops and flight dispatch to make data-driven decisions for greater efficiency, which can help airlines lower operational costs.”

By consolidating, cleansing and analysing data from a wide range of sources, Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency makes it easier for operators to develop, implement and measure initiatives to reduce costs. Honeywell Forge Connected Aerospace provides airline and business aviation operators with a suite of end-to-end connectivity and operational efficiency solutions powered by an all-in-one dashboard, dedicated support and built-in cybersecurity.