Fireblade Aviation champions Sustainability in Aviation

In an effort to spearhead sustainable business practices in the aviation sector, Fireblade Aviation has become the first aviation company to join The Long Run.

Image: Fireblade Aviation

The Long Run stands as a global membership community uniting nature-based tourism entities dedicated to propelling holistic sustainability.

Charlotte Winnan, general office manager at Fireblade Aviation, said: "Every member of The Long Run is dedicated to preserving a thriving and productive planet for generations to come. We are embracing The Long Run's guiding principles, epitomised by the 4C framework: Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce." 

"As a member of The Long Run, we are relentlessly pursuing recognition under the aegis of Global Ecosphere Retreats (GER). This rigorous standard, accredited by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, is bestowed only upon organisations that showcase an all-encompassing embodiment of the 4Cs, encompassing nature preservation and community enhancement," said Winnan. She underscores that the GER standard serves as an ongoing transformative tool, tailored to each entity's unique context.”