UAE Space Agency launches space workshops

The UAE Space Agency (UAESA) has launched the Space Workshops with the aim to support the private sector and encourage start-ups with opportunities.


It also underpins the UAE’s ambitious space program through developing national talents in the fields of space sciences and technologies. The workshops will also support the UAE’s aspirations with a two-phase programme delivered over six months.

“Today, the space sector has become an integral pillar of sustainable economic growth for the UAE and other countries globally. With a regionally unique regulatory framework, the UAE’s space program is perfectly positioned to become a key sector in our future vision for the next 50 years,” said His Excellency, Ibrahim Al Qasim, deputy director general of UAE Space Agency.

“The UAESA continues to launch several inspiring projects to support and develop the scientific community in addition to playing a supporting role in developing young Emirati talents, in line with our strategy to realise the vision of our wise leadership to harness the potential of space exploration,” said Al Qasim.

The Space Workshops will target individuals interested in participating in a 6-month program designed to provide them with the required space-related skills and expertise necessary to support national space programs. It is an intensive, experiential space systems development accelerator that bridges academic knowledge with the realities of space development projects.

 The Space Workshops will serve as an accelerator of space knowledge and know-how to a cohort of participants by combining excellent academic and research practices with a unique atmosphere that encourages and nurtures a space culture of innovation. This program is specifically designed to accelerate the transfer of space knowledge and know-how to individuals interested in a future in the space sector, while sparking their interest in space-related academic and research fields.

The two-phase training program starts with a two-week academic workshop focusing on space environment’s impact on space mission design. It will be delivered in a classroom setup; offering lectures, dialogue sessions, interactive games, online reviews, unique exploration experiences, and tests that introduce participants to the main considerations of space missions.

Based on the evaluation results of the academic workshop, qualified participants will move to the second phase of the program which is a 4 month know-how workshop where the participants are teamed within a professionally-guided space mission concept development process to familiarise the participants with the dynamics, challenges, and the often not-so-perfect features typical of a space program’s initial design process.

Individuals who are looking to volunteer their time, increase their knowledge and improve their skills are encouraged to enrol in the Space Workshops. Participants must be university graduate UAE nationals, in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Attendance of the full duration of the workshops is mandatory.