Serco partners with Starburst to boost UAE space innovation

Serco has entered a partnership with Starburst, the aerospace accelerator, to drive innovation in the UAE space industry and to foster the growth of space ecosystems worldwide.

Image: Serco

The partnership builds on a well-established and successful European-wide collaboration between two key players in the field. 

Through this partnership, Serco and Starburst aim to support the UAE Government in achieving their goals in the new space economy. The partnership will support start-ups working within the sector by giving them access to international projects, accelerating their business development and ensuring Serco clients have first access to the latest, most cutting-edge innovations. 

The European partnership between Serco and Starburst has successfully facilitated the access and management of Earth Observation and Space data to hundreds of start-ups to date. This extended collaboration will benefit the UAE’s own goals within the industry and significantly complement the capabilities and space portfolio of both companies.

Gregoire Berry, International Markets Development, Space at Serco, emphasised, "Innovation lies at the heart of Serco's values. To ensure we offer our clients the latest advancements available in the space market, it is crucial to be connected to the innovative ecosystem of start-ups. Starburst's extensive international outreach through their global incubators empower Serco to access cutting-edge innovations from around the world and seamlessly integrate them into our solutions for our clients." 

Amar Vora, Head of Space, Middle East at Serco, said: "Serco's recently launched Space Division here in the region will support the development of local capabilities and skills in the UAE through the management and nurturing of space ecosystems. In partnering with Starburst, we are ensuring the UAE Government has access to the latest thinking and innovations in the space sector, whilst at the same time supporting a range of exciting start-ups. "

“This renewed partnership with Serco is truly an honour for us. By joining forces, we aim to leverage our collective strengths and knowledge to make meaningful advancements in space technology and drive progress in this exciting and dynamic field. Moreover, the Middle East is an emerging and promising market in the realm of space exploration where we can see a real opportunity to establish a local presence.” said Christelle Astorg-Lepine, managing director of Starburst France.