Oman Air Holidays and Saudi International in tourism partnership

Oman Air Holidays has signed a strategic partnership with Saudi International Travel Company (SITC) with the aim to promote domestic tourism offerings in Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Oman Air Holidays and Saudi International in tourism partnership. Image: Oman Air. Holidays

The partnership will focus on offering wide-ranging recreational options and turnkey travel and tourism services for visitors arriving to the Kingdom from Oman and strengthening cooperation between both countries.

Mundher Al Shaikhani​, senior manager at Oman Air Holidays, said: “The partnership between Oman Air Holidays and Saudi International Travel Company (SITC) will strengthen the relationship between the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the delivery of innovative holiday products and services, and will contribute to the tremendous growth potential of both countries’ tourism ecosystems. This aligns closely with the objectives of Oman’s Vision 2040 and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”

Sultan Suleiman, chief executive officer of Saudi International Travel Company, said: “The partnership enhances strategic cooperation based on the innovative approach followed by private companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to expand investment opportunities across markets with the aim of developing and providing a series of distinctive, high-efficiency tourism services in both the Saudi and Omani markets.”