Flynas launches first international flights to AlUla

Flynas has announced its latest flights expansion including the first ever direct international flights into AlUla International Airport.

For millennia, AlUla has been a crossroads of civilisations. Image: Flynas

Starting from November 19,  2021, the first international routes into AlUla will take off from Dubai and Kuwait. Domestic routes added as part of the expansion include Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. The announcement marks the first time that international travellers will enjoy direct access to one of the most significant archeological and historical sites in the world.

CEO at Flynas Bander Almohanna said: “We are excited to make AlUla more accessible to all travellers in the region, a destination that is truly unique and never fails to impress even the most experienced travellers.” He then added, “We are confident that our partnership with the Royal Commission for AlUla will be one of many contributing factors to achieving the ambitious targets of Saudi Vision 2030 advancing the Kingdom’s position as a leading regional and global tourism destination.”

Phillip Jones, chief destination management and marketing officer for Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) said: “For millennia, AlUla has been a crossroads of civilisations. Our ancient oasis has welcomed travellers and settlers to share commodities, ideas and build communities. Today is a huge milestone for AlUla as we will once again be on the international travellers route. Visitors can directly access AlUla with flynas direct flights from Dubai and Kuwait we look to introducing more visitors to the monumentality of the destination.”