Ryanair expands in Amman and cements MRO relationship with Joramco

Ryanair is expanding in Amman, confirming the five-year heavy maintenance agreement with Joramco.

Image: Joramco

This agreement will further extend the partnership and will see the airline utilising up to six heavy maintenance lines at its facility in Amman- Jordan where Joramco is set to conduct 41 checks during this winter season.

This agreement ensures that the airline has continued flexibility as to where it places its aircraft for the upcoming maintenance season. The 110,000sq metre facility will facilitate the heavy maintenance of Ryanair’s aircraft as the airline grows its fleet to 800 aircraft, incl. the recent 300 Boeing MAX-10 order, which will see the airline grow to carry over 300m passengers per year by 2034. These new, fuel efficient, greener technology aircraft offer 21% more seats, burn 20% less fuel and are 50% quieter than our B737-NGs.

Ryanair uses a mix of internal facilities and external suppliers to conduct its heavy maintenance. The airline group continues to invest in internal heavy maintenance facilities and this agreement will complement these facilities and ensure the maintenance requirements are more than met over the coming years.

Speaking in Jordan, Ryanair’s chief operations officer, Neal McMahon, said: “We are thrilled to announce our expansion in Amman confirming our 5-year heavy maintenance agreement with Joramco. Joramco have been providing heavy maintenance for our fleet for the past 4 years however, this agreement allows Ryanair to utilise up to 6 heavy maintenance lines and conduct 41 checks this Winter season.

Joramco is a long-established maintenance provider with state-of-the-art facilities with over 50 customers around the world. It has an excellent reputation for a quality service offering in the industry and we are pleased to be announcing this new and enhanced deal. This agreement will ensure that Ryanair continues to have flexibility as to where it places its aircraft for the winter maintenance season.”

Joramco’s chief executive officer, Fraser Currie, said: “Joramco is delighted to have been supporting Ryanair with base maintenance for the last 4 years. This agreement is testament to the vision and dedication of the Ryanair heavy maintenance management team and the excellent services delivered by the entire team at Joramco. We look forward to growing and enhancing the relationship in Jordan and delivering amazing opportunities for both the local workforce in Jordan and Ryanair’ s customers.”